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We offer all types of general machining services including milling, turning, thread cutting, groove cutting, keyway cutting, hole boring, punching and shearing. Our machining services are second to none and our experienced and trusted team can repair your equipment or fabricate that one part or multiple items you need to get the job done.

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Below is an example of a typical machining job that we do for our customers at our Coffs Harbour machine shop.

Machining a metal bar into a large heavy machinery bolt

This client required 9 large bolts for their heavy machinery and we were more than happy to assist with our machining service. They were able to supply us with the steel grade and one existing bolt to use as a template, which is all the requirements we needed to get to work.

Firstly, we took precise measurements of the template bolt. We then sourced the steel bar for the bolt shank and steel block for the bolt head. The steel bar was then cut to length and the thread cutting machine used to cut a thread on both ends of the bar. The bolt head was machined to size, a hole drilled in it and an internal thread cut in. The bolt head was then threaded onto the head of the bolt and welded in place.

This machining services process was repeated to create 9 large bolts and another happy customer.

We are very flexible with the requirements that we gather from our clients. We can work to detailed specifications and plans, replicate existing items or offer our expert recommendations to resolve the client's poblem or meet their needs.

Cain Lynwood, Machinist, CJ Engineering and Hydraulics
Thread cutting lubrication

Plenty of lubricant is used when cutting the thread.

Thread cutting

The thread is cut in multiple passes, taking a slither of metal off each time.

Nut on thread

It's a perfect fit.

Custom machined bolts

The template bolt and the finished product - 9 shiny new bolts.

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